HHC Cashless

‘Cashless’ is Hopwood Hall College’s smartcard option. ‘Cashless’ will provide all students and staff on campus with a single card which can be used for identification, access control and electronic purchases, such as Bistro, IT Shop, Print Services, Paypoint, Riverside Restaurant and Salons. ‘Cashless’ uses smartcard technology using an embedded chip on each card. The user will have the ability to top-up money on their card by on-line purchase, or for staff, through payroll deduction. Each card carries a balance in an electronic purse. If a card is lost the user has the ability to freeze their card at any time. Top-ups are available for £5, £10, £20 and £50 bundles. All retail outlets around College take ‘Cashless’, except the Sports Arena and Pavilion.

For students in receipt of Bursary payments, the card will have 2 purses: Bursary and Cash. Cash top-ups will be credited to the Cash Purse. Please note, when making purchases, funds will be taken from the Bursary Purse before the Cash Purse.

The on-line facilitator, WorldPay, is compliant with all PCI DSS digital data regulations, and does not store your card details. All pages are encrypted using the national standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols. The College itself does not have access to any of your card information.